Au-delà des services financiers, que veulent les jeunes entrepreneurs ? – What do youth entrepreneurs need in addition to financial services?

There are 1,2 billion young people aged 15 – 24 years, most of them living in developing countries. According to the recently published World Employment and Social Outlook report by the ILO, the youth unemployment rate reached 13.0 per cent in 2014 meaning almost 73 million youth worldwide are looking for work, which is almost three times higher than the unemployment rate for adults.

Youth are particularly vulnerable to economic obstacles due to lack of education and employment, which denies them access to savings accounts, payments, credits and insurance. Furthermore, youth face restrictions in the legal and regulatory environment but also in access to financial products and complementary services.

The necessity of youth financial services becomes evident because youth have financial goals such as paying school fees, helping out with family expenses or starting small enterprises. In order to ensure financial inclusion for youth, sustainable and innovative services tailored to the specific needs of youth and their life goals is important.

At the same time capacity building activities including financial education, business skills training, entrepreneurship development and mentorship are showing important impacts on the capacity for youth to develop sustainable enterprises.

Many experiences show that achieving successful youth economic inclusion requires a multi stakeholder approach.

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